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Counseling Services

We are all weaker than we want to be.  Therefore, much of life’s struggle comes from how we have been treated, treat others, and respond to ourselves in moments of weakness.  In other words, we are human but so badly we want to be superhuman, if not completely like God.  Understandably then, those who have been well nurtured and encouraged through their moments of weakness more easily develop trusting relationships that in turn support them and allow them to go further in life.

The truth however, is that we have all been taken advantage of at times, and those who have experienced deep levels of betrayal or manipulation are more likely to hate their own weakness and compensate in ways that (while appearing strong in the moment) actually prevent deep and loving relationships from forming.  Since none of us actually are God, we miss the best parts of life: love, adventure, interdependence, belonging, and creativity, when we steel ourselves to the risk of pain and attempt a self-sufficient existence.  Counseling then, if therapeutic, is the development of a relationship that deals kindly with weakness and highlights areas where we have hated our own humanity or strategized ways to “control” ourselves, others, and life in order to avoid the pain that is possible and all too frequent in this world where we are weaker than we want to be.

All counseling services, (individual, couples, family and group counseling) are provided by a Nationally Certified Licensed Professional Counselor.

Treatment specializations include:

Healing from Trauma and Abuse

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Spiritual

Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

  • Existential Suffering
  • Grief
  • Life Transitions
  • Loss of Control
  • Obsessions and Compulsions

Marriage and Family Difficulties

  • Conflict
  • Dysfunction
  • Enmeshment
  • In-Law Issues
  • Parenting

Spiritual Formation

  • Wrestling with God
  • Asking Hard Questions
  • Discerning your Calling
  • Developing Spiritual Discipline

Continuing Education for Mothers of Young Children

  • Understand Development
  • Develop Discipline
  • Continued Self Care
  • Feed, Educate, and Cultivate

Healing from Abuse or Trauma
Emotional, Physical, Sexual, and Spiritual

Abuse, regardless of the type, is a powerful weapon that leaves deep wounds upon the heart of its victim long after the body has healed.  Do you long to be free of the legacy of abuse in your life?  Are you sick of seeing your abuser continue to destroy parts of your life years or even decades after the abuse has ended?  Are you lacking a road map for dealing with the areas of destruction in your life? Or are you questioning for the first time if what you experienced was abuse?  Please call, email or fill out the form on the Contact page to schedule an appointment and get help on your journey towards health.
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Wrestling with Depression and Stress
Existential Suffering, Grief, Life Transitions, and Loss

Depression has been described by some as the enemy within.  Do you feel as though you are struggling against a great weight that holds you back from the things that you want to do or even the person you want to become?  Does life seem meaningless at times?  Do you feel alone in the world and unable to invite others into your experience? Have you despaired even to the point of desiring death?  Allow me to grieve with you and search for the truth, meaning, and joy that will sustain you through your time of darkness. Please call, email or fill out the form on the Contact page and allow me to travel this dark road and search for the light along with you.
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Marriage and Family Difficulties
Betrayal, Conflict, Dysfunction, Enmeshment, In-Law Issues, and Parenting

Humans were made to be intimately known and loved, and family relationships hold the greatest potential for this deeply fulfilling experience to take place.  Sadly however, in the closest of relationships people can also experience the greatest betrayal and suffering.  Finding ways to live honestly while maintaining the bonds of love within marriage and the broader family can be challenging.  Learning where to draw lines and where to build bridges often require very intentional thought, collaboration, and willingness to look in the mirror with an eye toward change.  Please call, email, or submit the client information form on the Contact page to begin the journey of recognizing old patterns and creating new ones.
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Spiritual Formation
Wrestling with God, Asking Hard Questions, Discerning your Call, Developing Spiritual Discipline

In an age of instant everything, the Biblical concepts of maturity and longsuffering have long since been removed from our common dialogue.  If your desire is a life of spiritual maturity, then loneliness has certainly been one of your companions.  I do not offer to remove the suffering that so often accompanies growth, but I will encourage you, listen and, direct you towards continual growth and the development of spiritual disciplines which spur us on to greater maturity.  When you call, email or fill out the form on the Contact page, please mention that you are interested in Spiritual Formation and I will follow up with you regarding your specific goals and desires.
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Continuing Education for Mother’s of Young Children
Understanding Development, Developing Discipline,Continuing Self Care, while Feeding, Educating, and Cultivating

Have you ever wondered why Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required in every other serious practice, but as mothers we seldom get the admonishment, accountability, and attention needed to continue developing in our field?  Do you long to be a better steward of the gifts entrusted to you as a woman made in God’s image and as a mother of young image bearers?  How are you balancing the need to process your own experiences, and develop your gifts while providing your child(ren) with the opportunities and skills that they need to better steward the gifts God has given them?  Come and learn with other women who recognize the transformative roles they play in their children’s lives.  By caring for your own past wounds, continuing your education and cultivating your creativity, you will be better equipped to intentionally shape the young hearts and minds that God has given into your care. Join us!