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Black And White

Today I am feeling the need for some things in life to be black and white. In fact I believe that some things are – like gravity for instance. If you jump, you will return to the earth. Black and white statements are an important part of discovering the truth about ourselves and our surroundings. Sometimes it’s important to check in with ourselves regarding the black and white. I am married. I am a woman. I am alive. It’s amazing how just writing those three statements about myself was affirming of me in ways that have nothing to do with how I feel about being alive, female and married.

No doubt life has multiple shades of gray along with millions of possible color combinations. But today, I don’t need to know if density will effect the rate at which I approach the pavement if I choose to jump. Today all I need to know is that gravity does exist.

If you’re having a black and white kind of day, here is a fun exercise to take note of your life the way it is. inspire some gratitude, and have at least a handful of things that you can know are true regardless of what color glasses you happen to be wearing today.

Write 10 “I am …..” statements that are true of you regardless of how you feel. Try to word things in a way that simply reflects how they are as opposed to how they are perceived. (“I am employed for 10,000 a year” as opposed to “I am rich” or “I am poor”) Stop and ponder these affirmative statements to yourself throughout the day. One of these truths may just set you free! Enjoy.