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Kibou Welcomes You

"Come, all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest for your soul." These words invite each of us to do that which is most offensive to our proud and self-sufficient sensibilities. Unburden ourselves and receive what we cannot earn....Rest. So I don't have a better invitation than that, but I do invite you to come. Search with me for the truth that will set you free and the hope that will allow you to move forward even when the pain is so intense that it calls you to despair.

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Philosophy of Counseling

We are all weaker than we want to be. Therefore, much of life's struggle comes from how we have been treated, treat others, and respond to ourselves in moments of weakness. In other words, we are human but so badly we want to be superhuman, if not completely like God. Understandably then, those who have been well nurtured and encouraged through their moments of weakness more easily develop trusting relationships that in turn support them and allow them to go further in life.

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Kibou Means HOPE!

Kibou, pronounced Key Boe, is the Japanese word for hope. Today, let Kibou encourage you that healing is possible, love is available, and grace is a free gift for you. The talents and dreams that fell by the wayside while you were in survival mode can be picked back up and enjoyed, not as a way to gain love, but as a celebration that you are loved. Allow yourself to hope again and come. Recover, or discover for the first time, the person you were meant to be!

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Truth Teller

Truth Teller is the title song to a short CD on which I am currently working. The inspiration for each song on this CD can be traced to particular moments in my own healing process, and I have long wanted to share them with others who are traveling similar paths. "Songs to Heal by" was my working title for this project until I decided it was too cheesy and renamed it "Truth Tellers." This video is a live recording of the title song that encourages me to continue the journey of seeking out and speaking truth in the midst of pain, poverty, violence, abuse and the beauty of life that underlies all those experiences - making my heart long in spite of it all. If you find your heart longing inexplicably in the midst of your own painful story, please give me a call. I love sojourning with other brave souls on the quest to find truth.

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Healing from Abuse

Abuse, regardless of the type, is a powerful weapon that leaves deep wounds upon the heart of its victim long after the body has healed. Do you long to be free of the legacy of abuse in your life? Are you sick of seeing your abuser continue to destroy parts of your life years or even decades after the abuse has ended? Are you lacking a road map for dealing with the areas of destruction in your life? Or are you questioning for the first time if what you experienced was abuse? Please call, email or fill out the form on the Contact page to schedule an appointment and get help on your journey towards health.

Spiritual Formation

In an age of instant everything, the Biblical concepts of maturity and longsuffering have long since been removed from our common dialogue. If your desire is a life of spiritual maturity, then loneliness has certainly been one of your companions. I do not offer to remove the suffering that accompanies change, but I will encourage you, listen, and direct you towards continual growth and spiritual disciplines which spur us on to greater maturity. When you contact me, please mention your interest in Spiritual Formation and I will follow up with you regarding your specific goals and desires.